The Vantage Point

Essentially different living spaces. Ramallah (Left) Israeli settlements (Right)
Upon watching the documentary, what really caught my attention was the language of space represented by the Settlements in the West Bank. Comparing the images of people living spaces in the west Bank one can Clearly recognize the different Architectural features they have. The Palestinian's spaces seem to be the continuation of a long Tradition of shaping their environment which looks well adapted, friendly, dynamic, organic and a naturally "generated" structure. the Israeli' settlements from the other side seems rigid, monotonous, artificial, unfriendly and generally arbitrarily "fabricated" structure!

In November 2010, Israeli forces demolished a number of Palestinian structures in at least 2 different locations in the West Bank, displacing at least 31 Palestinians, more than half of them children.
This is indeed the difference between the two concepts: Settlement vs Habitat! Feeling of security, happiness and being together are factors to be promoted it the Settlements where more sensitive to the phenomenon of tenement in the indigenous habitats in the west Bank. By isolating structures, creating watchtower like houses, one may more have a feeling of Barracks rather than homes and places of the soul!
 The responsible housing authorities in Israeli settlements should note that It is not enough to possess the land but to respect and learn the ways of building, which could create humane space and prevent hostility. In other words set grounds to create generated structures rather than fabricated ones!

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