The Vantage Point

Sketch of Pearl Square, Bahrain, by Author
In Islamic Architecture the term "MEIDAN" to Some extent resembles a public plaza in the city. Public in sense that there are different functions and multiple activities happening. It is also connected to certain significant a result there is always a flow of people through and the space is capable to accommodates regular and occasional of such occasions is indeed social and cultural performances and as we have been encountering recently the uprisings to claim shared interests and demands.

what I saw in Bahrain Pearl square was very similar to what happens in many countries when there is such a demand. infant i was really quite surprised with the generated indigenous discipline and order in the settlements of activists at the square. however the square was not equally able to draw the crowd from the neighboring urban fabrics nor it was able to house enough population probably to stand the crackdown! however I try to avoid the environmental determinism even though for sure The environment does affect and affected by Social actions. Probably the "MEIDAN" model as it did in Egypt in 2011, is not effective here. The miniature city with its humble gathering space requires a different pattern of social performance to be figured out by people. Probably a network of interlocked squares ?I don't know!

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